About Ryan

Who is this guy?

I currently teach Web and print design to students at Sheridan College, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Before that I worked at Ryerson University's independent student newspaper, the Eyeopener as their design director, where I managed prepress operations and oversaw their Web presence.

I recently graduated from McMaster University with an MA in Communications and New Media. I am a graduate of Sheridan College's Web Design post-graduate program and Ryerson University's Photographic Studies program in the School of Image Arts.

I have many passions, all of which seem to tie into art, technology, and education. That's what I will write about on this site (and occasionally some other random topics).

There are no comments activated on this site because, well, I don't feed trolls; if you take away the food supply, they starve.

If you have something of note to ask me, comment upon, or simply want to set me straight on something I clearly screwed up, then please contact me via my email or twitter (both links below).

I'm happy to respectfully discuss any topic posted here with you, so give me a shout.

What's the deal with this site?

I wanted a place to share my thoughts, so I turned my stale portfolio site into something a little more current and useful.

I started to put this site together. Slowly. I built it from the ground up using Jekyll. I added things. I took them away. I refined and revised, and then I did it again.

This site isn't what I want it to be, but it addresses my need. I want a place to share things and now I have it.

Over time things will change. I will add more things. I will take away more things. The design will change.

This is my site. It is a place to experiment and to learn.